Awards by Bombay Management Association

Bombay Management Association every year presents different awards in order to encourage the management movement. BMA has a special Committee for the Awards Ceremony.

The different Awards presented are as follows:

  • Life Time Achievement Award
  • The Entrepreneur of the Decade Award
  • Management Man of the Year Award
  • Management Women Achiever of the Year Award
  • The Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Best Management Institute of the Year Award
  • Best Teacher of Management
  • Best Student of Management
  • The Best Chairperson of BMA Committees

38th BMA Awards 2015-16

The BMA Annual Awards Ceremony was held on 30th January, 2017 where over 250 members and guests attended this event. The prestigious ceremony recognised and honoured eminent individuals from the Indian corporate world, with BMA Awards. Mr. G N Bajpai, Former Chairman,...

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Bombay Management Association (BMA) since its establishment in 1954 has pioneered efforts to help enhance managerial effectiveness and improve the standards of Business Management in India. It is widely regarded as one of the best management associations in India resulting in over 1.50 lakh managers trained with BMA.

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