Women’s Conference – What Women ‘Really’ Want?

Tuesday 06th Dec, 2016


BMA invites you to its one-day conference titled “What Women Really Want?”. Join us at this conference, where we learn from a diverse range of experts and super-successful women on how they shaped their career, the choices they made and how they handled challenges in their life.

This workshop will also give you an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and will be a game changer for all women who believe in the power of collaboration through networking.
Time: 9:15 am – 5:45 pm
Venue: The Leela, Andheri Kurla Road, Sahar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

Conference Fee: BMA Members: INR 2,000*. Non-Members: INR 2,500*
*Fee include taxes
Payment process:
Cheque/DD in favour of ‘Bombay Management Association
Details for net banking
Name of Organization: Bombay Management Association
Name of Bank: Kotak Mahindra Bank
Bank A/c No.: 06370010003480
MICR Code: 400485008
NEFT/IFSC Code: KKBK0000637

For Registration & Enquiries:
Clothy Kunder – clothy@bma-india.com  Clifford Lobo – clifford.lobo@bma-india.com
022 2204 7650/9698

Dress code: Smart casuals

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Invisible Selling

Friday 09th Dec, 2016

Think You Control What You Buy? Think Again!



Dharmendra Rai world’s first Invisible Selling Trainer


The Science Of Selling WITHOUT Selling !

  • The Science Of YES!
  • The Science Of Persuasion!
  • The Science Of Influence!
  • The Science Of The Buying Brain!
  • The Science of Neuromarketing!
  • The Science Of Subconscious Selling!
  • The Science Of Subliminal Selling!

Program Objectives

To at least DOUBLE YOUR INCOME within 1 year of the seminar or equivalent coaching & consulting on the same!


Clues to some subconscious selling strategies you’ll learn in this seminar, coaching or consulting

How To Get People To Commit To Buying Unconsciously?

This is done by using the Zeigarnik effect. Uncompleted tasks tend to pop up in one’s mind. Once the task is completed and the goal reached, however, this stream of reminders comes to a stop. How can you use the Zeigarnik effect to boost your sales?

Does Offering FREE Products Make Sense?

Sometimes. When should you use FREE? How much should you give FREE? What happens in the brain when you see FREE? Discover the startling secrets from Dan Ariely, Author of the Phenomenal Best Seller “Predictably Irrational”

Does Offering FREE Products Make Sense?

Psychological researchers Daniel Kahneman & Amos Tversky were the first to test & document the notion of “loss aversion” – the idea that people are more motivated to avoid losses than they are to acquire gains. How can you make your services scarce?

How can inconveniencing your prospects increase your sales?

Colleen Szot, one of the best writers in the paid programming industry once changed just 3 words in an ad which shattered a nearly 20 year sales record. Even more remarkable these 3 words made it clear to prospects that ORDERING THE PRODUCT MIGHT BE A PAIN!

7 Magic Words To Skyrocket Sales!

Here are 2 – Because & Now. Why are these 2 words EXTREMELY POWERFUL? What are the other 5 words? Use these words often, starting right NOW because you badly want to succeed!

How Much Choice Should You Offer?

Offer too few and you may lose a sale. Offer too many & you may confuse your clients. What does Sheena Iyengar – the world’s foremost authority of decision making, think about this?

Should you talk about your offerings’ flaws?

If you do, your product looks bad. If you don’t, you could lose credibility as your product appears too good to be true. What do Cialdini, Goldstein & Martin – the geniuses of influence suggest?


  • Businessmen & professionals who want to double their income within 1 Year
  • Employees who want to get promoted as fast as they are capable of
  • Parents who want to sell the concept of healthy food and working hard to their children timings


10.00 am to 5.30 pm



BMA Knowledge Enrichment Facility,

9 Podar House, A Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020

4 minutes walk from Churchgate Station

Get Directions on Google Maps

Registration Fees

(plus Service Tax + Cess = 15%):

Cheque / DD in favour of ‘Bombay Management Association’

BMA Members: Rs.3,500/-

Non-Members: Rs.4,200/-



For more details contact:

Veena Amolik
M: +91 8828205004;
T: +91 22 22047650 / 9698;
Email: veena@bma-india.com

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37th BMA Awards

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Conversation on the subject “What women really want?”

ABOUT THE PROGRAM The broad objective of this conversation is to get some meaningful inputs on issues and challenges faced by women in Corporate India and together discuss the disconnect between employers and employees and how it’s costing India’s organizations. Women in the Indian context tend to face professional challenges in four main life stages […]

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Reduce Cost by Increasing Quality & Productivity – Use Japanese technique of ‘JIDOKA’ to beat Competition

Facilitator Dr. Shrinivas Gondhalekar Dean (Operations) at Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research Director, KanzenInstitue Asia-Pacific Pvt. Ltd. Tech. and PhD from IIT-Bombay, Post Graduate from NITIE. Trained in Japan on Quality & Productivity. Worked 15 years in Godrej Soaps Solved many intractable problems in industry in India and several countries. The widespread belief is […]

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