BMA Membership

Register or Renew your membership to access BMA Membership Privileges:

  • Concessional fees for all programs and visits (usually 10 – 15%)
  • Network with other members and professionals
  • Participation in Membership services and developmental activities
  • E-Journal and BMA Update
  • Borrow and refer books, DVD from Library
  • Attend AGM
  • Right to Vote for Office Bearers and Executive Committee

Membership Application Process

The Membership Development Committee of BMA, reviews each membership application. It forwards the paid registrations for final approval of the Executive Committee, which meets once a month.

Apart from BMA committee members, AIMA members who have chosen to become combined members of BMA are also considered as BMA members for all practical purposes.

Register by purchasing any of the membership plans above with your requirement. Once payment is made, you will receive our membership form which collects further information required to approve your membership.

Person / organizations on approval will be entitled to the privileges of membership. In case your application is rejected, we will refund your payment.