Management Development Services (MDS) on “What is My PEAK?” was held from 10:00a.m. Onwards on 03rd November 2018 at SIES College of Management Studies in Nerul. This talk is about MOUNT EVEREST and the Metaphor of the tallest peak in the world with the peak in my life was facilitated by Dr. Lucky S Kasat (Mch Pediatric Surgery). Session enlightened us with various unusual and unique true stories of exceptional fearlessness and the ‘determination’ that sets these persons apart.
The PEAK is inside us too, where the first step is taken. All these persons ‘reached their life’s peak’ not because they were the selected few, but because they were the determined few.
It’s all on the perception one has with right perception, they conquered their thoughts; they thus conquered their own Everest’s.
Once conquered, a TRUE climber realizes that one never “Conquers’ any peak, instead the PEAK has actually tolerated oneself. This is the true conquer, over one’s ego. For, “it is NOT the mountain peak one conquers, its one’s own self that one conquers.”
20 plus participants who formed part of the interactive session were fully satisfied with the insightful session on finding ones PEAK in life?