Digital has imploded all mind-sets of adopting new futuristic technologies and ipso facto inevitable for industries across the board to embrace it proactively to be in sync with global trends.

Quantum of investment in promoting digital technologies though not sizeable at the present, is expected to gradually increase to ensure exponential growth of business in all sectors.

At this juncture, the companies are softly pedaling by the way of in-depth pilot studies, owing to imminent danger of losing opportunity for business transformation and growth. A good measure of realization of fruits of Digital is yet to be seen across different sectors, and the dynamics is rapidly changing, owing to Government‘s far reaching policy initiatives under Digital India.

According to the latest report published by world economic forum, digital technologies can be applied consistently at all levels of business and government to help unlock the estimated $100 trillion of value that Digital Technologies could create over the next decade.  The report suggests enterprises to constantly reinvent their offerings to keep up with the rapidly evolving expectations of digital customers.

Offering products and services is no longer enough: successful companies will be the ones focused on delivering the most compelling experiences. In fact, 56% of business leaders believe that customer experience is their top digital transformation priority.

Here at Bombay Management Association, we strive to spread awareness and adoption of Digital, as well as discover, cherish and learn from success stories. As we gather together in BMA workshops and conferences, we constantly seek view points on the wave of digitization for various verticals. The question we must address immediately, not just as individuals or businesses, but as a society and an industry is, are we ready to set a benchmark for our counterparts globally?

We would be happy to hear your point of view on Digital and invite you to join us at the Digital Leadership Summit 2017 on 12th October.

M D Agrawal

M D Agrawal

President - Bombay Management Association

Murli Dhar better known as M D, is a pioneer in the IT industry. Currently a senior consultant with TCS, he has a rich history of working with corporations and non-profits.

In 2015, he retired from BPCL as General Manager & CIO Information System after 32 years of providing engineering excellence and thought leadership. He has held leadership and advisory positions with Computer Society of India (President 2011-2012), SEARCC (President 2011-2012),  Academic Committee Chairman of CSI during 2012-13, Award Committee Chairman of CSI during 2012-13, Board of studies member of K J Somaya, Sasmira college of Mgmt, Baghu Bhai Polytechnic,  Founder President of CIO Club in Mumbai, and Hon. Treasurer of BMA – Bombay Management association 2011-2013.

“Life is full of risks and opportunities. A leader’s role is to convert opportunities in to profitable results and to overcome Risks by using them as stepping ladder for success.” – M D Agrawal.