President’s Message

Hello, Dear Members

BMA, over the last 64 years in Mumbai, since its existence has provided thought leadership in management space through various events, conferences, seminars, and membership engagement activities.

I believe that the world we are living in today is evolving and changing far more rapidly than it has ever in its entire history due to transformational shifts and tectonic disruption due to Technology, Internet, quantum computing,  machine intelligence,  automation et cetera

It becomes even more critical in this era of exponential change that BMA not only continues to provide the excellent management leadership but also how it evolves in this changing landscape in re-imagining and reshaping management discussions and capabilities. This year under my President-ship we would be looking at taking BMA ahead.

Our priorities at BMA for the year 18/19 would broadly be:

1) Getting better at everything we do and offer. We will raise the standard and bar.

2) We will provide thought leadership conferences, knowledge series, educational experiences, simulation workshops and a host of other curated quality activities to help our members “Get Better” in the area of their interest. We will get closer to our members to better understand their needs. We will also specifically look at offerings for start-up and SME sector. e.g. BMA Konnect, BMA Fellowships etc.

3) We will do newer things which bring new and relevant value to address the needs and aspirations of the New World. e.g. New World Manager Development Programs, Scaling up Summit, BMA Management Hackathon et cetera.

I am extremely excited about the future and how we embrace and prosper in this dynamic new ecosystem.

At BMA we are driven by our passion to “get better”, in satisfying our membership aspirations in providing innovative thought leadership, in shaping and fostering entrepreneurship, and building a platform for connecting diverse, multiple, centers of excellence to make a difference to the world we live in.

Have a Great Year!

Dr.Murtaza Khorakiwala

Bombay Management Association

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