Concept Note


Digital business initiatives are transforming the face of business today, across the entire gamut of products and services, in each and every functional domain, irrespective of whether the companies are large MNCs, domestic industrial/service companies or mid- and small-size companies, in all segments of the economy.
Leading this digital transformation are the strategy-oriented CEOs of the companies, assisted by the disruptive initiatives of leading IT experts, either from within the companies or from large IT companies of the World. ‘The Internet of Everything’ is creating unprecedented opportunities for industries, and business to become digital.
But who will implement these initiatives on the ground?
Young Students will lead the way, in the near future, in transforming Indian business from here and now, to digitally driven businesses, leading to unprecedented customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and higher profitability.
Bombay Management Association would like to invite young Post Graduate Students from Management Institutes to participate in a competition, leading to winning the BMA Dandekar Rolling Trophy, 2015-16.
The participants may submit case studies from their own research and/or experience in undertaking a digital transformation project, covering any one area of the following aspects of business, which on implementation had resulted in significant improvement in business efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction:
1. Customer facing applications, e.g. customer relationship management; mobile-based Apps for various customer services; big data analytics for customer segmentation and for improving customer satisfaction; mobile-based e-commerce business etc.
2. Operational applications, e.g. supply chain ,in procurement function, B2B online market places, inventory management, SAP/ERP implementation in digitizing traditional operational processes, working capital  management/finance management thru’ online processes; ebanking, e-money in financial sector etc.
3. Back-office applications, e.g. software-as-a-service – outsourcing to cloud service, accounting, human resources, customer service, billing and procurement etc.
4. Smart production applications, using Internet of Everything (IoE), to reduce machine downtime, improving production efficiency etc.
5. Digital marketing, including social media marketing, consumer research, on-line media management etc.

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Terms and conditions:

1. The Institutes offering three-year full time BMS program of the University of Mumbai/SNDT University / Deemed Universities, are eligible to participate in this Competition.
2. Each Management Institute can register two Teams. The participating teams will compete either singly or in a team of up to three members, for the case study presented by them for the competition.
3. Each participating team will be required to pay participation fees as mentioned below
* Member Institutions – Rs. 500/- per team.
* Non-member Institutions – Rs. 700/- per team.
4. Each team will get 10 minutes to present the theme before the panel of judges.
5. Each presentation will be followed by Q & A by the panel of judges.
6. Please note: The focus of each presentation should be a case study approach understanding the ground reality, with facts and analysis, rather than just a theoretical approach.
7. Necessary audio-visual facilities will be provided for this purpose. Participants may bring presentations in pen drives or CDs and the same should be duly scanned and loaded in the system before 9 am. Hard copy of presentation may be submitted on the day of competition.
8. An eminent jury with substantial expertise in management and technology will evaluate all submissions and short-list 10 or more participants who will appear in the Finals, leading to the Winner. Each team in the Finals will make a formal presentation on their case study and will answer questions from the Panel and the audience.
9. At the end of the day, 3 teams will be further short-listed as first & second runner-up, and the winner of the prestigious BMA BMS Trophy will be announced.
10. The Winner / Winning Teams will receive the Winner’s Rolling Trophy, and a Certificate. Runner Ups will receive a special certificate. All other participants will receive certificates.
11. EvaluationCriteria:
– Introduction & Conclusion – 20 Marks
– Depth of Content – 40 Marks
– Supportive examples /real projects – 20 Marks
– Effective Presentation techniques completed in time – 20 Marks
Total 100 Marks
12. The decision of the judges will be considered final and binding on all the participants. Noncompliance of the rules and procedures may lead to disqualification of the team.