The Smart Manager Series

Wednesday 19th Jul, 2017

Launch of Brochure: Smart Manager Series – The Next Level Learning

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Mr. M Lakshmanan, President – NHRDN, Mumbai Chapter,

Mr. Bharat C Bhagat , President – PMI, Mumbai Chapter,

Mr. M D Agrawal, President – Bombay Management Association & Team

Jointly launching the revised brochure of Smart Manager Series in BMA Conference hall on 6th June, 2017

The Programme is being conducted in BMA Knowledge Enrichment Facility from July to September 2017.

Schedule  :

 Date Month No of Days  Programme  Faculty
19th  & 20th  July  2 Days  SM Series- Mastering The Art of Communication  Dr. Devyani Rozario
25th & 26th  July  2 Days SM Series- People Leadership Dr. Devyani Rozario
2th & 3th August  2 Days SM Series- Managing Self for Success Ms. Karuna Chavan
9th & 10th August  2 Days SM Series- The Next Level Leadership  Mr. Shankar & Mr. Pavan Savant
17th & 18th  August  2 Days SM Series- Collaborative Teaming  Mr. Shankar & Mr. Pavan Savant
23rd & 24th  August  2 Days SM Series- Managing Change Mr. Gopal Sehajpal
4th to 5th September  2 Days  SM Series – Strategy & Execution Mr. Shailesh Sheth
14th to 15th September  2 Days  SM Series – Decision Making Simplified  Ms. Chhaya Sehgal
19 to 22  September  4 Days  SM Series – The Effective Manager
19th  September  1 Day Communication  Dr. Devyani Rozario
20th September 1 Day Self  Ms. Karuna Chavan
21st September 1 Day People Management  Dr. Devyani Rozario
22nd September 1 Day Teaming  Mr. Shankar & Mr. Pavan Savant
10 to 13 October 4 Days SM Series – Leadership Simplified for Managers
10th October 1 Day Leadership  Mr. Shankar & Mr. Pavan Savant
11th October 1 Day Managing Change  Mr. Gopal Sehajpal
12th October 1 Day Strategy  Mr. Shailesh Sheth
13th October 1 Day Decision  Ms. Chhaya Sehgal